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Tourist Visa

Tourist visas are generally the first contact that one has with Canada The applicant in this case, must demonstrate that they have strong and justifiable ties to return to their country of origin, as well as demonstrate that they have sufficient funds to sustain the trip and the stay in Canada.


Study Permit

There are many benefits to studying in Canada; among them, the possibility of working part-time while studying and full-time after graduation. This program must be completed in public institutions and recognized by the Ministry of Immigration, as well as in some private institutions.


Work Permit

Our team provides assistance to obtain the necessary permit to work in Canada for a few years and to make this the path to permanent residence in Canada.


Provincial Nominee Program

Provincial nominations are perhaps the best alternative for those people who by age no longer reach the necessary score for permanent residence.


Family sponsorship

The main objective of Immigration Law is to reunify families and as such, both residents and citizens can sponsor their dependent relatives.


Business visa

Canada has different business and investment programs that lead to a temporary or permanent residence in the country



Permanent residents can apply for Canadian citizenship after obtaining 1095 days (3 years) in the last 5 years. Other conditions also apply.


Express Entry

Skilled Workers, Skilled Trades, Canadian Experience Class and some categories of Provincial Nomination programs.


Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds

Under this category, individuals must demonstrate that they are settled in Canada and that the children involved in the application would be affected if applicants are not granted permanent residence in Canada.

Testimonios-Elizabeth Aguero Immigration Services
Oscar Bazoberry


My wife and I trusted Elizabeth Agüero Immigration Services either with the immigration process or interpretation services and I can say we are so happy with her performance. One of the most important things to take into account is Elizabeth’s kindness. She is quick and effective and I really like how she helps the clients during the process. I highly recommend her firm for services as she is a professional and a great human being.

Testimonios-Elizabeth Aguero Immigration Services 2
Sandra Calero Barletti


When I arrived to Canada I was informed about “Elizabeth Agüero Immigration Services” and I asked her help. I thank Elizabeth because she was quick, effective and professional. She knows how to do her job. She is a responsible and punctual person.

Testimonios-Elizabeth Aguero Immigration Services 3
Raúl Zamora Ruelas


I used the services of “Elizabeth Agüero Immigration Services” for immigration purposes in Canada. I recommend the people who work there, as they are honest, quick and professional.

Testimonios-Elizabeth Aguero Immigration Services 4
Martha Romero & Silvia Martínez


We want to thank “Elizabeth Agüero Immigration Services” for guiding us in our immigration case. She has an excellent staff to help clients throughout their processes.

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